Does your loved one need help breaking away from the endless cycle of addiction?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.
We at CORE Coaching and Consulting LLC will assist in an Intervention with your loved one who has been struggling with substance misuse to get back on the right track, and live a healthy sober life.

Who hires an Interventionist?

The family of an addicted loved one will ask an interventionist to come and help them convince and place their addicted loved one into treatment or mental health setting.

Who should you involve in the Intervention?

The people you should invite to your intervention should be the most loved, trusted and influential ones in the individuals life. That includes parents, spouses, close friends and siblings.


Prepare your remarks beforehand and rehearse what you’d like to say so you do not become over emotional and say the wrong thing that would set them off.

Many recovering addicts or alcoholics have claimed that an intervention has saved them and ultimately persuaded them to get the necessary treatment.