Safaa Elmessiri CPRC

Safaa Elmessiri, founder of CORE Coaching and Consulting LLC and Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, has a wealth of experience when it comes to assisting those who struggle with alcohol, substance misuse, and just day to day challenges.

Safaa has a passion for coaching others, after having struggled with her own battles. With the right tools and support, she was able to overcome these hardships.

Safaa’s goal as a Coach is to support those in removing barriers and obstacles in their recovery. She will help them define their goals and optimize fulfillment in life and work. Safaa also assists many families on how to approach their loved one who is struggling with their addictions.

Safaa helps each client develop and deepen their unique path to recovery, that will help reduce the likelihood of relapse and build a stable foundation for a life of stability, growth and happiness.

Safaa serves as the Executive Board Secretary for Troy Community Coalition and Executive Board Member for Tri Community Coalition in Oakland County.